Bureau Bookcase restoration

We have recently restored this lovely bureau bookcase. A beautiful example with the top drawer revealing its compartments and drawers. Loose feet were re-secured and missing pieces of veneer etc replaced. Finally the whole piece was carefully cleaned and waxed.

Dining chair Restoration

Heartwood Restoration has just completed the restoration of this set of 8 chairs. They came into the workshop if a very poor state, with all of the joints previously ‘repaired’ with screws and nails. We have repaired all the broken joints and re-finished the set using traditional french polish, now returned to their former glory!


Pond Yacht Restoration

We have been restoring this lovely pond yacht. It came into the workshop in a poor state of repair;  missing it’s mast, sails, rigging and with not stand to display it. After reviving the polish on the decking, we carefully re-painted the hull keeping the original name. Not what we usually do but after research we have fitted a replacement mast, sails and rigging. All that was left was to make a new stand and the results speak for themselves!


Plan Chest Restoration

We’ve recently finished this plan chest restoration from the estate office on a large estate. The chest was in such a poor state that we had to dismantle it in situe before taking it to the workshop. Having rebuilt the carcass we cleaned the surface and applied a traditional oil finish followed by a good wax polish. Definitely a transformation!!

Beautiful Aspray coromandel box

We have just finished the restoration of this stunning Aspray coromandel box. It came into the workshop in a poor state missing the original interior. After careful research we remade the interior, complete with drawers and compartments lined with silk and velvet. The drawer fronts were verneered with coromandel and small brass handles were made to match the original handles on the sides of the box. A lovely project to work on!

Bringing a chair back to life…..

Having been stored in a garage for many years, this chair needed some attention. All the joints were loose or broken and the original finish was in a poor state. We took the whole frame apart and repaired the broken joints before gluing it back together. Finally re revived the finish and now it’s ready for re-caning.

Flood damaged furniture

We have just finished the restoration of various items of flood damaged furniture including part of a set of twelve chairs. The photos show the extent of the damage on some of the chairs, with warped and missing veneer and mouldings. There was a great sense of achievement getting the items back to there former glory.


Desktop leather

Here are some photos showing an empire desk with a replacement desktop leather that we fitted. The desk was bought with the original leather missing. We supplied and fitted this hand died leather which completed the restoration.

Mahogany card table restoration

This week we have completed this lovely mahogany card table. There were splits in the top and missing pieces of veneer. Once restored we revived the original polish on the frame and legs and re-finished the top.

Restoration video compilation

After five years of being in business we have a fantastic selection of before and after photos, showing the type of work that we do. From tables to chairs, mirrors to clocks we’ve done them all so do have a look at our short compilation clip!