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Desktop leather

Here are some photos showing an empire desk with a replacement desktop leather that we fitted. The desk was bought with the original leather missing. We supplied and fitted this hand died leather which completed the restoration.

Mahogany card table

This week we have completed this lovely mahogany card table. There were splits in the top and missing pieces of veneer. Once restored we revived the original polish on the frame and legs and re-finished the top.

Before and after photos

After five years of being in business we have a fantastic selection of before and after photos, showing the type of work that we do. From tables to chairs, mirrors to clocks we’ve done them all so do have a look at our short compilation clip!

Beautiful Mahogany Bookcase

Finely restored antique mahogany bureau bookcase Bureau of restored mahogany bookcase

We have just completed the restoration of this beautiful bureau bookcase, which was in a poor state of repair before we started. The carcass had splits and missing veneer and we had to make new fretwork for the inside of the bureau. Finally the whole piece was revived and re-finished to achieve the result in the photos.

LAPADA membership

archivetempLAPADA logo ASPS gold

We are delighted to announce that as well as being members of the British Antique Furniture Restorer’s Association, Heartwood Restoration is now an approved service provider member of the London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association. We look forward to welcoming new clients and fellow members of LAPADA in the future.

Glitzy for Christmas….

Just completed the restoration of this lovely ebony table, needed the original leather restored, missing brass inlay replaced and  mounts cleaned.  A lovely piece to work on and another satisfied client.


Back to Black

A client recently brought in a bookcase which had been painted green. The doors and top had a brass inlay and after investigation we discovered evidence of it having been previously ebonised. I was decided to return the bookcase to its former glory and so after the painted finish was removed we re-finished and the transformation proved very successful. Photos can be found in our gallery page.

Other recent work has included the careful cleaning of some gilt candle sticks and an ornate gilt clock. We will continue to update this site with photos of our most recent work and if you have any queries regarding the work that  we do – please get in touch.

‘Time for Restoration’

This month we have been working on two very different French mantle clocks. Both required careful cleaning and restoration to bring them back to life – one had a lacquered case and the other an ornate gilt frame. Heartwood Restoration is able to undertake many different  types of restoration and these lovely clocks are just an example.

DSC_0458 web DSC_0510 web DSC_0474 web DSC_0501 web

Going for gold!!

Heartwood Restoration have recently started to offer Gilding Restoration as a new service. We have just completed the restoration of a superb pair of gilt tables. The work involved carefully cleaning the existing surface and replacing any missing sections. Finally the tables were re-gilded where necessary and the new  gold leaf distressed to match the original. The video below was taken during the restoration process.

Dining table restoration

Rising from the ashes!

We have just finished working on a dificult project (see our Gallery page for the latest photos). A lovely concertina dining table had been damaged resulting in two deep burnt areas. We were able to restore the table using the original timber for the top surface, therefore keeping the grain and figuring as original. Once polished it was not possible to see where the damage had occured!

We have also been working on some lovely rosewood furniture with brass inlay – photos also on our Gallery page. A lot of the brass was loose and the table in the photos needed to be re-finished due to damage to the top. We have many exciting projects coming into the workshop so please come back as we update the Gallery page regularly.